A primary supplier of technical authoring and documentation services to industry with a comprehensive client base and wide ranging product portfolio.


Welcome to the website of Docmate Services Ltd (Docmates).

Docmate Services Ltd (Docmates) was established in 1999, to meet a need for the provision of technical authoring and documentation services to produce a wide range of technical documentation products. Since 1999, business has steadily increased resulting in the client base gradually growing to encompass a wide range of industries and companies throughout the UK and abroad, with several clients repeatedly using the company and a number of long term contracts having been serviced.

Products have been produced for clients as diverse as blue chip companies to others like SMEs and consultancies across industries such as commercial vehicle, construction, IT (facilities, hardware and software), oil and gas (subsea, onshore and offshore), plant & equipment, utilities and telecommunications.

How We Can Help

Some scenarios to start with. You are:

  • a small start-up software company requiring a User Guide and Online Help for your software product
  • a small manufacturing company requiring an O & M Manual for your new product
  • a department manager for a large multinational company requiring documentation to record how your department goes about its business
  • an HSE Manager requiring the production of an HSE Manual to document the company's policies, processes and procedures
  • an Asset Manager requiring your asset's documentation to be updated to reflect a major change to infrastructure and the resulting procedures
  • a Project Manager requiring a manual for your project which is due for completion later this year
  • a manager for a large multinational company tasked with updating the company's Business Management System
  • a Project Manager soon to commission a new facility who has identified a need for documentation including training
  • a manager for a large multinational company tasked with documenting the company's stage gate processes

Your Solution

These are a few examples of the sort of scenario you could find yourself in. In all these scenarios, Docmate Services Ltd could provide your solution. If this is the case and you require the services of a company who specialises in producing Technical Documentation then please get in touch to discuss your requirement and see how we can help.

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